6 Best Sunscreens For Darker Skin Tones That Won’t Leave A White Cast

October 19, 2020
Written ByPocosmo Staff

Are you a woman of color struggling with acne scars, dark marks, fine lines, or wrinkles? If so, there may be one important thing missing from your skin-care routine... Sunscreen!

As you should all know, sunscreen is the most crucial step in a daily skin-care routine, regardless of skin color or the weather. You should be applying sunscreen or a product that contains an SPF of at least 30 every day for optimal skin protection.  

In this article, we’ll go over why wearing sunscreen is essential, as well as provide you with a list of 6 great sunscreens for darker skin!

Why Is Sunscreen Important?

Sunscreen is vital to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. There are two different kinds of UV Rays - UVA and UVB.

The UVA Rays from the sun can accelerate aging, and the UVB Rays cause sunburns. UV radiation is one of the leading causes of skin cancer - more common amongst people with lighter skin.

But that still doesn’t mean that darker-skinned people are exempt from sun damage.

Skin cancer is less prevalent in the black community, but black people and people of color can still get skin cancer. The detection of skin cancer amongst people of color tends to be at later, more severe stages.

Many people of color are led to believe that because of their darker complexion, they can withstand the sun much better than those of lighter skin complexions. While it is true that individuals with darker skin are naturally better protected from the sun due to the melanin in the skin, this notion that people of color don’t need sunscreen is false.

UV Rays from prolonged sun exposure can actually worsen skin conditions such as rosacea, wrinkles, age spots, etc.

So if you’re suffering from any skin condition, protecting your skin from these harmful UV Rays is essential if you want your skin conditions to improve and be protected from skin cancer.

Several sunscreens have ingredients to improve your skin condition and even your skin tone, which we’ll be going over next!

The Best Sunscreens For Darker Skin

For my darker-skinned people out there that have tried wearing sunscreen but can’t seem to find a good one that won’t leave a pale, white cast, I’ve got your back!

First and foremost, you should know that there are two different kinds of sunscreens - mineral and chemical.

  • Mineral sunscreen - sits on the surface of the skin to reflect UV Rays. This sunscreen usually has better ingredients and is more suitable for sensitive skin, but unfortunately tends to leave a white cast.
  • Chemical sunscreen - absorbs into the skin, then absorbs the UV Rays. The UV Rays are converted into heat and are released from the body. This type of sunscreen doesn’t leave a white cast, but most chemicals in US chemical sunscreens are not the best and can result in skin irritation.

With that being said, here is a list of safe chemical sunscreens and mineral sunscreens with little to no white cast. This list also includes a couple of Korean sunscreens that have amazing ingredients for the skin!

Black Girl Sunscreen, SPF 30 ($15.99)

Black Girl Sunscreen is a vegan and cruelty-free chemical sunscreen formulated without the most harmful chemical filter, oxybenzone. This sunscreen is free of toxic ingredients, it’s lightweight, leaves no white cast, and is great for a daytime moisturizer.

First Aid Beauty Weightless Mineral SPF 30 ($34)

This sunscreen has a sheer tint, making it blendable for all skin tones. It’s lightweight with a matte finish. This is an excellent sunscreen for individuals with oily skin.

Purito Comfy Water Sunblock SPF 50 ($15.90)

The white cast in this fragrance-free sunscreen lasts for no more than a few minutes. It absorbs into the skin very nicely, it’s lightweight, and it becomes invisible once absorbed.

Purito Centella Unscented SPF 50 ($18.90)

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by @sumomosuki 💚 What is your first impression of PURITO Centella Green Level Safe Sun ? Share your story about PURITO Safe Sun with us below 🙂 Essential points 🌿Non-sticky and Non-white cast 🌿All ingredients are EWG green level (1-2) 🌿3 key ingredients: Centella extract, Hyaluronic acid and Tocopherol . 퓨리토 세이프썬에 대한 여러분의 첫인상을 공유해요:) Safe Sun의 핵심 포인트! 🌿No 끈적임 & 백탁현상 🌿전성분 EWG 그린레벨 1-2등급 🌿3가지 핵심 성분: 병풀 추출물, 히알루론산, 토코페롤 . . #퓨리토 #착한화장품 #순한화장품 #천연화장품 #겨울선크림 #천연선크림 #유기자차선크림 #안전한선크림 #purito #koreabeauty #kbeauty #koreaskincare #kskincare #koreacosmetics #kcosmetics #purito_official #naturalsunscreen

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Just like the previous sunscreen on this list from Purito, this sunscreen is also fragrance-free, reducing the risk of skin irritation. It’s formulated to leave no white cast, it’s non-sticky, and feels just like a moisturizer!

Krave Beauty The Beet Shield SPF 50 ($20)

This Korean sunscreen contains amazing ingredients to keep the skin moisturized and healthy while protecting the skin from harmful UV Rays. This sunscreen leaves no white cast and is perfect for individuals with dry skin.

Dear, Klairs Soft UV Airy Essence ($23)

This Sunscreen is safe on the skin and is formulated with ingredients to reduce skin irritation. This is a great Korean sunscreen for oily skin, and it’s lightweight with no white cast.

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