Top 3 Makeup and Skincare Influencers on Instagram

October 16, 2020
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Top 3 Makeup and Skincare Influencers of 2020

For most young women today, social media was where we learned our best beauty tips and tricks. With Youtube’s existence, young women have quickly learned how to properly blend their foundation and slay their perfectly flicked, winged liner. You go girl!

As social media progresses, beauty influencers continue to flood and dominate social media platforms within the beauty industry, teaching women of all ages new and improved makeup techniques and skincare routines.

Whether you’re going for an everyday natural look or a glamorous full face for a night out, there’s a skilled beauty educator for any woman’s need.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of 3 different talented influencers in the beauty and skincare industry to help educate you through your beauty journey!

  1. Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is a beautiful Nigerian-American influencer on Youtube who advocates for women of color’s visibility in the beauty industry. Jackie sure knows how to keep her audience tuned in and entertained with over 3.5 million subscribers on youtube and over 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Not only does this lovely lady slay in every video upload and Instagram post, but her outgoing, entertaining personality shines through the screen like no other! Her personality is one of the many things that keeps her audience coming back for more content, not to mention her beautiful, radiant skin.

Jackie’s content consists of product reviews, makeup tutorials, and skincare. She used her massive platform to educate and influence women of color in the beauty industry.

Jackie Aina has the perfect Youtube channel for women of color who are interested in being entertained while at the same time learning more about makeup to complement their beautiful, melanin-rich skin complexions.

  1. James Charles

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James Charles is the definition of flawless and continues to dominate the beauty industry, with over 22 million subscribers on Youtube and over 22 mullion followers on Instagram. This boy sure knows how to slay!

James is very well-known in the Youtube beauty community; he probably doesn’t even need an introduction. He’s been one of the top beauty gurus for the past four years and started in the beauty industry by doing hair.

In 2016, James became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. He’s a well-known makeup artist and Youtube entertainer who has grown a large following on various social media platforms. His makeup skills are unmatched by many.

James has over 300 Youtube videos and has content for everyone. He does beauty experiments, makeup tutorials for beginners, and makeup tutorials for more advanced individuals interested in more creative looks.

Hit the subscribe button and see for yourself. With his cute smile and unique personality, who wouldn’t want to subscribe?

  1. Skincare By Hyram

Skincare is one of the most important aspects of beauty that everyone should learn, even before the makeup. Hyram educates his viewers on just that!

Hyram is a trending skincare guru on Youtube that has worked in the beauty industry and is passionate about teaching his viewers how to perfect their skincare routines. He has a rapidly growing subscriber count of almost 4 million subscribers on Youtube and 1 million followers on Instagram.

This knowledgeable Youtuber walks his viewers through everything involved in a perfect skincare routine. He educates his viewers on how to properly cleans the skin, treatments that can tackle different skin issues, and has even created skincare routines for many of his viewers!

This is a channel I highly recommend if you’re just getting into skincare and beauty. Before getting your makeup routine down, perfecting your skincare routine can be very helpful and necessary. Improving your skin means less makeup will be needed if you prefer the more natural look.

Hyram has regular skincare Q&A’s to help his viewers and does many skincare reaction videos.

Skincare By Hyram is hands down one of the best skincare Youtube channels out there and has helped millions of people achieve their dream skin!

Is your skincare routine Hyram-approved? Subscribe to his channel and find out for yourself! His adorable, humble personality will undoubtedly keep you hooked.

Who’s Your Favorite Beauty Guru?

In the amazing world of social media, there are so many influencers that all have something unique to contribute. Whether it be their personality, beauty, experience, knowledge, and skill, there’s something for everyone. These are some of the top beauty influencers of 2020 that are suitable for the needs and interests of many, but there are plenty more!

So tell us, who are some of your favorite makeup and skincare gurus?

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