Tracee Ellis Ross Makes Her Fabulous Debut in Hair Care Line

December 29, 2020
Written ByPocosmo Staff

Celebrity skincare and haircare lines are big now. The Blackish star has officially joined the game with her new haircare line, Pattern Beauty.

But this ain’t your typical rushed, go-with-the-flow celebrity line. Tracee Ellis Ross worked on her haircare line Pattern Beauty for 10 years.

“For most of us curly girls, we are our best experts. We know our hair better than anyone else.”

She explains by saying, "ten years ago, right after Girlfriends finished, I wrote my first haircare brand pitch. Originally the comment and response to me was, 'what was my credibility?' I 'needed to partner with a professional.' As I explained but was not listened to, for most of us curly girls, we are our best experts. We know our hair better than anyone else."

The hair icon created and perfected her own hair care routine by experimenting with different types of products and following steps in different orders. It took her a long journey and a lot of trial & error to find the perfect hair care routine and perfect order of steps for her own hair. "I had discovered that there was an absolute void in the market, and this was 10 years ago," she says. "The other piece was that the beauty industry at the time had not discovered the beauty and power of this community. And didn't understand how much it needed celebration."

A Closer Look…

Inspired by her love for her natural hair and struggles with handling her curls, Tracee built the brand from the scratch. Pattern Beauty includes one shampoo, three conditioners with varying slip (and in bigger bottles than the shampoo), a leave-in conditioner, two serums ($25), a large strong-hold hair clip ($10), shower brush ($17), and microfiber towel ($19). The products are meant to complement one another, but they can also fit into any existing hair care routine.

In addition to its affordability, Pattern also offers its shampoo and conditioners in different sizes. That means three, 13, and jumbo 29-ounce conditioners—fit for all. Prices begin at $9 for 3-ounce bottles of the shampoo, conditioners, and leave-in, and top at $42 for a 29-ounce bottles.

Who is it for?

“We are here to fulfill the beauty needs of the CURLY, COILY & TIGHT TEXTURED community.”

If you are a curly girl and ready to rock that natural hair, this brand is for you. For textured hair, it’s a struggle to find the perfect hair care product. The brands that are existing in the market, rarely cater to the people with textured here. Pattern beauty has entered the market just in time to change the hair care game. This hair-care line is targeted for people with curls ranging from 3B to 4C textures. From the packaging to the ad campaigns, it’s all about treating YOUR texture and embracing YOUR natural hair. The website of Pattern Beauty includes Curl Guide, where you can find the perfect product for your curls from the wide variety of collections along with some very helpful tips.  

For curly girls everywhere, Tracee has a message.

“It’s always been the plan to bring styling products to Pattern. Curlies, coilies, and tight textures know our hair, the types of products that work for us, and what we want. We’ve been listening, and it’s been great incorporating feedback into the development of these new products. I’m super proud of how the brand and our community have come together as we continue to fulfill the beauty needs of the natural hair community.”

Pattern’s Mission & Vision

The Black-owned & Black found brand envisions to expand communication, care for & celebrate hair of every texture. To redefine the natural beauty and to “reimagine the language we use about our beloved curls & community.” Finally, a brand that recognizes and caters to people with textured hair.

“May we support the curliest, coiliest & tightest of hair textures.

May we embrace, love and celebrate our community & the gorgeous hair we have.”

The Pattern also cares for Black communities who are embedded in the mission of the brand. The brand donates to a variety of organizations that empower women & people of color.

The Pattern is available for purchase at and at Ulta Beauty in stores and online.

So, what’s stopping YOU from rocking that curl?

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